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Connect with buyers and sell in exchange for bitcoins!

Buy with bitcoins

Spend your bitcoins on your everyday essentials & other things you need.

Selling & Advertising

Sell an Item

Sell any item you like and get paid in bitcoins. Shop locally or globally

Place a Wanted ad

Place a 'wanted' advert to let other people know you want or are looking to buy something in particular with bitcoins.

Classified ads

Place a personal classified about you or your search for a friend or partner.

Advertise for Rent

Place ads for your holiday holiday, second home, land, caravan, boat & more.

Promote an Event

Advertise local events that will accept bitcoin. Any country, any city, anything.

Private listings

Remain secure & anonymous by sellings privately. Secure client-side encryption of all your data ensure's even we won't know what your selling.

Attract a larger audience

flibbr helps you increase the exposure of your business to new potential customers. Helping you build both a new global and local customer base to connect with.

Accept a global currency

Accepting bitcoins will provide growth to your business where othere busineses are not present. Dive into and capitalise on this new emerging market pool.

Inventory Management

Submit your products easily and effortlessly into our system by providing an xml feed.

Order Management API

Seamlessly integrate with your existing platform to manage orders & inventory.


  • Secure Transactions

    We never have any access to your bitcoins. You only spend them when you want to. No informated is ever stored on our servers to enable us to access your bitcoins.

  • Deal by Reputation

    For every transaction the buyer & seller can rate each other. It's in everyones interests to behave and act honourably. For this reason you can use our rating system to help you find reputable sellers for your purchases.

  • Businsses

    We want businesses to adopt bitcoins aswell. To help assist you in finding local businsses in your sector we've composed a list of 100,000 industry fields for you to search from [and businsses to say they offer!]

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